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Women Empowering Women ("WEw") Programs


WEw Empowerment Conference is an annual professional, educational, and social event that celebrates visionary women.  The Empowerment Conference is designed to bring together a wide range of professionals, sponsors, non-profit agencies, organizations, business partners, goal oriented women, men, and youth from all walks of life to empower, impact, and inspire them to break free from limiting belief patterns.  

WEw Helping Hands Program is an ongoing annual community program that supports one of the key missions of WEw: community service and outreach.  The program seeks to foster empowerment of women through their commitment to service.


WEw Pay It Forward Program is an ongoing social grass roots effort designed to give back and partner with other organizations focused on empowering women and children.  This program operates from the principle "To much is given, much is required."  In this program, WEw employs volunteer support and external resources and talents to improve the lives of individuals and families by building stronger communities.




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